Receive alerts in Slack?
Are you sure alerts from monitoring systems
handled well?
According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute.
How to make team responsible for incidents?
Each incident should be assigned to a defined person. It will help to avoid situation when everyone received an alert and no one took care of.
How to guarantee response time and perform SLA?
Escalation engine will assign alert to next person once the first one did not respond. What if they did not receive Slack push? Alert Mixer could call by phone.
How to avoid storm and keep focused?
Monitoring systems could generate thousands of alerts per one incident. Alert Mixer will carefully group them and highlight valuable data to help team be focused during incident response.
Never miss a critical alert
Easily manage on-call schedules of multiple teams. Automatically escalate alerts until action is taken.
Always notify the right people
Route alerts to the right people. Notify responders using multiple channels.
Keep working in Slack
Work with incidents in Slack. Build knowledge base and collaborate.
Infinite integrations so you're up and running immediately.
Alert Mixer integrates seamlessly with applications like ServiceNow, AWS, ZenDesk, and Atlassian and hundreds more.
Trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide
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