How Mindbox use Amixr.IO to perform modern incident management
Mindbox is a one-stop-shop solution for B2C marketers, working in a cross-channel environment. It unifies the customer data and multi-channel campaign orchestration, as well, as the promotion and loyalty management, website personalisation and ML-driven algorithms in a single platform.
“IT incident management requires hard work. Amixr.IO is designed to put all the incidents in order just in a few steps right in Slack."
— Ildar Iskhakov, CTO Amixr.IO
5+ different monitoring systems
10+ engineers On-Call
Mindbox has evolved monitoring and experienced engineering team with high development rhythm.

We proudly report about successful partnership between Amixr and Mindbox.
Engineers receive notifications in Telegram, SMS and Slack
Engineers use multiple delivery channels to be notified the most comfortable way.
Amixr.IO and Mindbox teams worked together to perform successful integration
Amixr team made multiple product updates using client's feedback. All updates are available for other clients.
Amixr became a central place for all IT incidents
Centralized incident processing is important when multiple monitoring systems are used in a company. It helps to avoid clutter.
Engineers & on-call duty
Mindbox engineering use Amixr.IO to set up schedules and manage on-call rotations.
AI helps with insights
Amixr AI analyses engineering burnout, reaction time and missed incidents to prevent issues related to incident management.
Successful integration of all internal and external systems
Mindbox use multiple monitoring systems such as NewRelic, PRTG and few others internally. All systems successfully integrated with Amixr using pre-defined integrations or WebHooks.
Mindbox engineering about Amixr.IO
What is Amixr?
Incident Management for DevOps and SRE with Slack Bot Interface
Works completely inside Slack
No need to teach your team how to use complex systems, install mobile apps, set up SSO and spend weeks on integration.
Faster integration
Integration takes 1 day instead of weeks.
Fully-functional Incident Management
On-Call schedules, escalations, routing, phone calls, SMS, AI analytics and more!